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Feedback & Expert opinion needed

Seize the opportunity to influence the future of Kontent.ai and become one of our valued respondents. Your feedback is crucial for us to make our CMS the best it can be! 

What to expect:

After you register, we’ll wait for suitable testing or research and then invite you for a call. We might want to discuss brand-new features or jump on a research call. 

 In the 30-minute session to test a new feature: 

  • You’ll use a prototype design to complete a task 
  • We’ll observe your interaction with the functionality and ask a few questions 

This will allow us to fix any usability issues before we implement the feature in Kontent.ai.  

In the 60-minute research call, we will: 

  • Discuss what you (don’t) like about working in Kontent.ai
  • Learn about your user needs 

After each session, you’ll receive an Amazon voucher as a thank you gift! You can also choose any time and date that fits your schedule. 

Sound good? Please fill in our form so that we can contact you. No worries—if you ever change your mind, just drop us a message, and we’ll stop inviting you right away. 
We can’t wait to hear from you!  
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