6 Things to Consider When Choosing an API CMS

By Yvette HastingsOct 23, 2018

Are you looking for an API CMS? How will you choose the right one? Check out these six things to consider when choosing an API CMS!

An API content management system (CMS) allows developers to innovate using the technology they love, focus on their project, and deliver content anywhere. With the right API CMS, you can create engaging personalized experiences across any device and deliver your projects faster. But, how will you choose the right one?

Key Considerations When Choosing an API CMS

Ensuring your API CMS has everything you need before you get started is key. If you’re on the hunt for an API CMS, consider these six things: 

1) Content Management 

An API CMS allows developers and marketers to work side-by-side. Managing existing content items and importing content from a different system should be easy. Your ideal API CMS will have an engaging UI that brings everybody together in one tool to work on content from brief to approval. You shouldn't need to undergo extensive training or spend time training others. While you’re working on the development of your website or application, content collaborators should be able to get stuck into what they do best—managing content. 

2) Technical Documentation

Make sure your API CMS enables content publishing with ease. Not only should you be able to publish content quickly, you should be able to share content over the channels you use now and in the future. Having detailed technical documentation and supporting resources at your fingertips are critical to your success. In the API CMS, look out for sample apps, SDKs, boilerplates, and examples of how to use it. 

3) Structured Content

Ensure your API CMS has the features you need to deliver a project that supports an omnichannel content strategy. With new technologies emerging every day, you need to think about how your content management system will take advantage of websites, apps, IOT, and more. You'll need an API CMS that will help you structure content that is easily searched and maintained for a growing set of channels. If you have a proper content strategy in place and use structured content, you will benefit from creating smaller content chunks that can be reused in other projects or channels.

Some API CMSs will also help you categorize content with a taxonomy feature, making it even easier to create content and avoid content duplication. 

4) Security and Scalability

Check if the API CMS has an open Security Policy that ensures your data is safe. A reliable API CMS will offer a transparent web page or documentation article that outlines data storage, compliance, and more. 

From a scalability perspective, retrieving content quickly with a super-fast Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a must-have for delivering structured content and digital assets globally.

5) Product Roadmap 

You'll want to choose an API CMS with longevity. A good API CMS will have an active development life cycle that reflects the needs of the market, i.e., your needs. Check out how they collect feedback and if the vendor is interested in hearing your feedback and suggestions.

6) Global Support

Knowing there is global support available (should you need it) will give you upfront reassurance and peace of mind before starting a project. A reliable API CMS will also come with a bunch of resources that will make your life easier. Before committing to an API CMS, check out the GitHub repository, explore their developer center, and review the support options available to you.

Choose an API CMS Today

It's important to consider all of your options before investing time, money, and resources into an API CMS. Just remember these six considerations before starting your project, and you'll accelerate your development. 

If you’re interested in learning about an API CMS that can give you more, check out Kentico Cloud.

Written by
Yvette Hastings

As Content Marketing Director at Kentico, I am responsible for Kentico’s content marketing strategy. I’m passionate about all things content and love sharing my know how.

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