Announcing the 2023 MVPs 🏆

The MVP team consists of six valued professionals who educate the community and work closely with teams to improve the platform. Who are they, and what can they do for you?

Ondrej PolesnyPublished on Feb 8, 2023

In this article, I’ll introduce the MVP team, explain the selection process of MVPs, and outline the most popular activities done by MVPs throughout the last year.

What is the MVP program?

The MVP stands for Most Valued Professional. The MVP program has been around for a long time, and for us at, it’s always been a great way to recognize and award the most active members of our community. The MVPs are a team of passionate experts who are happy to share experiences from building and maintaining projects using and other related tools. They ensure the community is welcoming and nurturing.

The selection process

At the end of every year, the MVP committee sits down and discusses each nominated MVP candidate. And to be honest, it’s no rocket science. We want every team member to be passionate about innovations, improvements, and user experience, as well as be eager to share the lessons learned from their projects with the community. Everything else really comes naturally. Each member of the committee gets one vote, and even though we honor democratic principles, so far, the vote has always been unanimous.

Who are MVPs for 2023?

The MVPs for 2023 are:

Akshay Sura, Partner at Konabos

Andy Thompson, CTO at Luminary

Brian McKeiver, Partner/Senior Developer at BizStream

Ilesh Mistry, Senior Front End Engineer at MMT Digital

Matt Nield, Consultant

Tom Marshall, Head of Technology at Kyan

The 2022 MVP activities that stood out

There are many activities and projects MVPs are working on, so I picked a few of them that stand out to better showcase the spirit of the program:

Engage with the MVP team

To find out more, make sure to check out the MVP Program page, where you’ll find contact details of each MVP as well as a short video showing how nice guys our MVPs actually are 🙂

And finally, congratulations to all the MVPs! 🏆

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Ondrej Polesny

As Developer Evangelist, I specialize in the impossible. When something is too complicated, requires too much effort, or is just simply not possible, just give me a few days and we will see :).

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