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A lot has been written about the strengths of Headless CMS solutions. They give developers the freedom to build websites and applications using their favorite technologies while helping content teams produce content faster without worrying about how it fits into any specific display. While these benefits are great, we’ve learned that some teams struggle to create their first website using the headless approach. 

Corey HamiltonPublished on Aug 20, 2020

These customers have chosen the solution because they love the idea of greater flexibility and agility to serve other channels in the future, but right now they need something that helps them get that first website up and running. 

This is why we’re excited to introduce Web Spotlight

Web Spotlight gives developers and content teams the tools to manage their websites using a web-centric mindset, similar to how they may have worked with traditional web content management tools in the past. This makes it easier for team members to visualize how the different parts of their website come together while leaving their content free to be used across any other websites, applications, or channels. 

This new experience introduces three new concepts to the Headless CMS approach: 

  • Content Tree Structure 
  • Pages and Navigation 
  • Live Editing 

Content Tree 

The new Content Tree organizes content using a hierarchical structure that aligns with the pages of your websites. This view makes it easy to find content items based on where they appear on your sites. When an item needs to be updated, an editor can navigate to the tree location that corresponds to where it appears within the website and begin making changes immediately.  

If the content is displayed in multiple areas of the website, it will appear in each location within the tree. The editor can navigate to any one of those locations to update the item, with all changes being reflected wherever the item is displayed. 

Items can be accessed from the Content Tree based on where they appear on your website(s).

Pages and Navigation 

Pages and Navigation are prebuilt components that make it easy for users to associate content with the web pages and navigation that make up their company’s websites. These components address the challenge of associating the content items in your repository with the webpages in which they appear. Once these connections are made, it becomes easy to create your site navigation based on those relationships.  

Live Editing 

Live Editing lets content editors see changes to content within the context of their website in near real-time. This allows them to make adjustments according to how the content appears within a given page without having to jump between browsers to view every change. As a result, authors produce content faster with the confidence it will look great once it’s published to the website. 

Editing content with a contextual view of how it looks on the website.

Because Web Spotlight is built on top of the headless CMS foundation of, all your content is modular and able to be reused across any of your other websites or applications. This future-proofs your content so that each website you build using Web Spotlight consists of the best of both worlds—an intuitive solution for creating and maintaining your websites and a CMS that makes it easy to expand to new channels and audiences down the road. 

To learn how to add Web Spotlight to your projects, contact the Sales team.

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Corey Hamilton

I’m the Director of Product Marketing at I’m responsible for aligning to the needs of digitally mature organizations through go-to-market strategy, product launches, and positioning & messaging.

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