Building Applications Using Microservices and Azure – Part 2

By Ondrej FridrichMay 2, 2017

In the developer community, there is a pretty big shift to the microservices approach to application development. By using a Headless CMS and supporting services, you can now build out your sites using several smaller pieces, all communicating over industry-standard channels (REST).

In Part 1 of this series, Bryan explained what microservices are, how to plan the architecture, how to create and validate an MVP, and how to connect microservices with it.

In Part 2 of this series, Bryan Soltis, Kentico Technical Evangelist, gives you some code to show you how he pieced together his personal site using the cloud-based systems.

Bryan shows in detail how various microservices can be integrated into the application and how to extend the site functionality by leveraging capabilities of chosen microservices. It will help you understand the microservices-driven approach and prepare your applications for this “new” architecture.

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Written by
Ondrej Fridrich

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