Categorizing content with Taxonomy

Start organized, stay organized: Categorizing content with Taxonomy

We have been adding a lot of cool stuff over the last couple of weeks in Kentico Draft, and now it’s all live.

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Branislav SandalaPublished on Jul 26, 2016

Taxonomy is the most significant feature we’ve shipped. With the help of a lot of you, and, most notably, Virgil Carroll of High Monkey, we’re bringing you the ability to manage multiple taxonomy groups to categorize the content at the time you’re creating it.

We see this as a huge advancement for websites that are rendering content based on specific category tags. And, of course, we have updated the Import module for Kentico to import Taxonomy as Categories while you’re importing the content automatically.


As well as Taxonomy, we’ve added a lot of smaller (but still important) things. Here are some of the most interesting things you can expect:

  • Thumbnail previews for large images and PDFs — Thanks to Chris Wilson, we realized that it would be more efficient for a reviewer to be able to see all images quickly without downloading them each time. And, while we were at it, we included a preview for PDFs as well.
  • Filter by content type — While we were building Taxonomy, we refined our content inventory filter to give you the option to filter by content type.
  • Shortcuts in the Rich-text Editor — Make it bold, or paste a link. We have included shortcuts for common tasks, here’s a reference. (Let us know what other shortcuts you’re using!)

If you haven’t seen Draft for a while (or your Trial has expired), fear not! You can still try the new features with our Free plan. Go ahead and sign in.

Meanwhile, we are still bringing more goodness to Draft! You can look forward to the public REST API that we are bringing you next.

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Branislav Sandala