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Oversee content operations with central user management

We're always improving Kontent by Kentico to enable strategists, creators, and developers alike! Check out how to keep workspaces organized and secure with updates to user management.

Monica Raszyk is the Director of Product Marketing at Kontent by Kentico.

Monica RaszykPublished on Sep 1, 2021

Make the most of your subscription with oversight of all users

When managing diverse and complex content operations, there are a lot of moving parts to get right. To start, central oversight of users is key. With the latest update, it’s now possible to view and manage all users and roles across multiple projects or subscriptions. The overview can be found in the Users section of your subscription. 

Overview of users in the subscription in Kontent by Kentico
The overview helps teams keep tabs on users across the subscription

From the overview, it's possible to:

  • Review total slots, used slots, and available users in the subscriptions
  • Access user information, including information about environments 
  • Search by name and email, and check in on last login per user  
  • Toggle on or off the active status of users

With quick access to key information, it’s easier to plan and budget for new users, iterate on the setup, and be sure that your workspaces stay secure and organized. 

Govern projects proactively with streamlined role management

All actions, all in one place. Proactive user management in the Kontent platform is streamlined on both the subscription and project level. When you click into a specific user's detail from the main overview, you can check in on their roles across projects in the subscription, add them to another project, or deactivate them on all projects.

To make further changes per project, simply expand it and click the appropriate Edit button. 

Central user management in Kontent by Kentico
To make some quick updates related to specific users, open the user detail panel

Paired with other security capabilities such as single sign-onmultifactor authentication, and user roles and permissions per environment, this latest update to user management helps keep operations smooth and under control. 

To learn more about the value of streamlined user management in content governance initiatives, check out The Global Enterprise Guide to Improving Content Governance. 

Monica Raszyk is the Director of Product Marketing at Kontent by Kentico.
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