Content Localization Is Here And More New Features Are Coming!

By Radka UhlirovaJun 27, 2017

For the last couple of weeks, we've been working hard behind the scenes on something really great, and it's finally ready. We're proud to introduce Content Localization!

Introducing Content Localization

With the latest release, Kentico Cloud provides you with Content Localization for creating multilingual content for your culture-specific or international projects. In multilingual countries such as Belgium, Canada, and Switzerland, it is common to describe services and products in more than one language.

Now with Kentico Cloud, you can define the multiple language variants that you plan to manage and assign them to your localization team. Content contributors can work with each language variant independently through a workflow—each language variant having its own revision history.

Sometimes it may not be feasible to localize all of your content. Perhaps your website's default language is English and you decide to only translate content with the highest traffic and engagement into French for your French-speaking audience. What language do they see when they visit untranslated pages? In Kentico Cloud, you can set the local language as default and assign a preferred fallback language for pages that aren't translated!

Kentico Kontent

With Content Localization, you can manage multiple language variants from one place—one content inventory—and also access and deliver all variants through API.

From September 2017, Content Localization will only be available within paid plans. In the Professional plan, the Localization feature will be limited to 3 languages, but the Enterprise plan allows you to localize content into any number of languages.

As Content Localization is only unlimited and available in all subscription plans until the end of August 2017, don't miss the chance to try working with multilingual content

Try it out and let us know what you think! We'll appreciate your feedback, as we continue to work on this feature. Stay tuned for more improvements in the coming weeks!

Improved Asset Library

Back in April, we introduced Asset Library for managing images, videos and other media files in a single place. As promised, we kept working on the feature and we have extended the functionality of the Asset Library. 

Kentico Kontent

When you reuse assets in multiple content items, you can keep track of where your assets are used by viewing the asset details in Asset Library. Moreover, you can update the asset description and delete the assets you no longer need. 

Using the asset library allows us to organize and update our imagery into one place for a seamless transition between design, marketing, and development.
Jessica Lago, Manager of Marketing and Partnerships, iMedia
Jessica Lago

In June, we also added a Filter to Asset Library, which allows users to search assets according to asset title. If you have an asset library full of images, you'll be able to find a specific image easily.

Drag-and-drop Segment Builder

With the new user-friendly Drag-and-drop Segment Builder, creating segments of contacts has never been easier. The builder's Advanced mode will guide you through building complex segments leveraging the AND or OR condition groups.

The builder's drag-and-drop rules enable you to make your conditions flexible and use more combinations of conditions than before. Furthermore, you can now use negative conditions and time filters for various rules to precisely define segments based on contact behavior.

Kentico Kontent

Last but not least, the new builder gives you quick insights on the contacts in your segments. With the Drag-and-drop Segment Builder, you will know your audience, see who your contacts are, and target them better in your marketing activities.

If you want to learn more about these features, and more from the world of Kentico Cloud, make sure you sign up for our Launch Webinar on July 12. And if you would like to know what features we're planning to work on in the coming weeks, check out our new Product Roadmap page.

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Radka Uhlirova

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