Kentico Cloud Custom Elements Contest Winners

By Ondrej PolesnyMay 16, 2019

Did you participate in the Custom Elements Contest? Are you curious to find out which entries won? Read on to find out!

The Custom Elements Contest ran between March 1, 2019, and mid-April, 2019. After finalizing the rules and having published the first announcement, we were really excited to see what kinds of elements will be submitted.

We were surprised by the number of submissions, and to everyone that participated, we want to say huge thank you! Many authors had little to no expert knowledge of JavaScript or Kentico Cloud and showed great dedication in delivering awesome elements.

Winning Custom Elements

We evaluated each of the submitted elements across four categories. Innovation/originality, usefulness, complexity, and code quality. The average score of each element was then used to shortlist the top 10 submissions and their authors.

  1. Magento
  2. TransformedImagesElement
  3. UnsplashSelector
  4. FlickrImagePicker
  5. SyntaxHighlighter
  6. Geolocation-Leaflet
  7. IconSelector
  8. YouTube
  9. BingImagePicker
  10. WYSIWYG-Quill

Is your element in this list? If so, congratulations! Do not leave town! Watch your mailbox as your prize is on its way.

Custom Elements Gallery

The list of extensions and their names are nice, but how can you find out what each of them does? How do you pick the right one for a use case you need to solve?

Apart from finalizing the contest, we also created a Custom Elements Gallery to make it easy for you to find all available elements. Each element is represented by an image or animated GIF showing its functionality and a link to its README page explaining how to use it. I especially like the one that allows editors to transform images and specify focal points

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

Written by
Ondrej Polesny

As Developer Evangelist, I specialize in the impossible. When something is too complicated, requires too much effort, or is just simply not possible, just give me a few days and we will see :).

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