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In the last twelve months, we have added many new features to make content management, collaboration, and distribution across your digital universe a breeze. However, as with everything in our world, there needs to be a balance.

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Pavel JirikPublished on Apr 17, 2018

As Kentico Cloud continues to grow, our app is getting more and more complex.

This is exactly why our team of UX heroes decided to roll up their sleeves and dive into a growing number of menu items living their lives in the most unpredictable places. They set off for a challenging quest of finding an order to them so they could create an intuitive user experience for you.

Our UX team spent endless hours collecting your feedback, listening to your comments, testing various models of the final navigation, and researching every corner of the user journey in Kentico Cloud’s app.

Today, we are happy to say that all our effort has paid off. We completely redesigned the Kentico Cloud's app menu so that you can focus more on the content creation, and less on searching!

The menu is now divided into multiple intuitive groups so that you have everything at your fingertips (Content & Assets, Content models, Audience, Project settings, and Your account details):

Content and Assets

For example, the Project settings menu item contains all the necessary settings that you need to set up your project, so that you don’t need to jump to another page and back:

Project settings

Depending on your role, you will see only the menu items that are relevant for you.

We hope that this new redesign of Kentico Cloud's app menu will stir your creativity, make development more efficient, and let you collaborate and share your content easily again.

And finally, we would love to hear your feedback on the app menu redesign! 

Please let us know your thoughts via the chat button below, or send an email directly to our UX team using the following email address

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Pavel Jirik

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