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Every month, we are planning to release a couple of exciting new Kentico Draft features to help you get even more out of our product. In addition to announcing them to our customers via email, we have also decided to start a blog post to share all of our latest news with you. And here are some features that you can start using from today.

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Branislav SandalaPublished on Mar 31, 2016

Taking Control of Your Content Revisions

With automatic Content Revisions, you can now see a trail of updates for each content item. By giving you a complete overview of who has updated what, and when, you can go through each revision and see how a content item looked at a particular point in time. No matter whether itʼs a content or workflow change, if you need to restore any previous revisions, with Content Revisions you can.

Content item revision in Draft

Counting All Your Characters

As you have frequently requested this feature, and because we always listen to your feedback, from now on, you can see the amount of characters that have been written for each Text or Rich-text content item.

Characters count in Draft

Image Importing Just Got Faster... Again!

Up to today, you could import images from Draft into Kentico's Media Libraries automatically. However, after everything had been imported, you still needed to select those images manually on the imported pages. Now, you can configure the import mapping not only to upload the assets directly into the Media Library but also to link the imported assets to a page type field automatically.

Import Content into Pages of Different Cultures

Because the Import module now gives you the option of selecting the culture in which the imported page is created, Draft can help you import content into a Kentico CMS website, even in a culture other than your default one.

Sample Project and Hints

To make things easier for you, each new registration now starts with a sample project to demonstrate Draftʼs capabilities better. So if you havenʼt registered for Kentico Draft yet, now is the time to take it for a test drive.

“Whatʼs next? Upcoming releases will bring you even more exciting news — stay tuned!”

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Branislav Sandala