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By Monica RaszykSep 15, 2021

We’re always improving Kontent by Kentico to enable strategists, creators, and developers alike! Check out how this latest release improves the way you work with linked items.

From today, you can more easily view linked items in context by simply expanding them, rather than opening them in a new window. Nested linked items now behave like nested components and allow users to expand them to the seventh nesting level. This is a before and after you don’t want to miss.

Managing a complex linked item structure 

As a little refresher, let’s talk linked items. Existing content, such as articles, case studies, or products, is usually related in some way—by topic, for example. In the Kontent platform, you define these relationships using linked items. Linked content is independent and can be accessed outside the content items they’re used in. This means you only need to edit a specific linked item once, and the changes you make will be automatically reflected everywhere! Already a huge time-saver, right? 

Now, reviewing nested linked items is easier too. 

For organizations managing deep structures for linked items, seeing everything related to a specific content item has so far been a little complex, and sometimes convoluted. Expanding nested linked items allows users to see the full structure of a content item from a bird’s eye view, making management and approvals much more straightforward.

Easily expand nested linked items with this release
Easily expand nested linked items with this release

Reviewing linked items in context

No doubt, this release saves content managers a ton of time and energy. It also supports better editing and, ultimately, content quality. Staying mindful of how different copy works together is key, as changes to a linked item might affect the meaning and flow of a piece of content as a whole. Being able to read and review everything in context can improve the way content managers work and the feedback they provide. 

Learn more about the benefits of linking related content together and explore some real-life examples of using linked content now.

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Monica Raszyk

I’m the Director of Product Marketing at Kontent by Kentico. I work with marketing, product, and sales teams to deliver go-to-market strategies and messaging that everyone can rally around.

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