Get Ready for a New Virtual Event: Kontent Horizons

Get ready for a new virtual event: Kontent Horizons

We are happy to announce the launch of our brand new event, Kontent Horizons. In November, weʼre bringing the CMS industry leaders, our biggest customers, and Kontent product experts together to discuss the future of content management. Will you join us?

Vojtech BorilPublished on Oct 6, 2020

It was spring 2020 when we were discussing the go-to-market strategy for this yearʼs two major product launches: Web Spotlight and Collections. We had big plans to celebrate these great additions to Kontent with our customers. However, with COVID-19 tormenting the world, it was clear we couldnʼt organize a global physical event for our loyal customers and partners in 2020.

Rather than looking for excuses, we decided to walk the walk and see the situation as a great chance to come up with a new concept. A brand new event that will not only promote our own work but also bring industry experts together to share their experience and learn from each other. That was the moment when Kontent Horizons was born.

Of course, we are inviting our loyal customers and partners, however, in addition to that, weʼd also like to invite anyone considering using a headless CMS to join us, to listen to the lessons learned, and to get inspired by our community. 

So what is Kontent Horizons? Is it yet another boring virtual event?

Let me guarantee one thing. Kontent Horizons will not be just another virtual event full of boring pre-recorded sessions. Itʼs not another long webinar in your schedule. Weʼre setting up a live studio in Kentico HQ, with a combination of live sessions and pre-recorded sessions including live Q&A. We will have a conference platform where you can meet & chat with other attendees, ask questions, and engage with Kontent experts. 

If you are already using a headless CMS, thatʼs great—weʼll have a lot of content for you. You can look forward to learning more about the current state of the market and how leading headless CMSs expand their strategy for the next years to come. You can listen to real customer stories from our partners and customers and exchange your experience in virtual rooms.

If you are new to headless content management or youʼre just not sure whether itʼs the right approach for you, thatʼs even better. You will learn what the future content management trends are, how the most successful companies work with content and what value a headless CMS brings to both developersʼ and marketersʼ daily lives.

Let me share with you one more thing that is unique about Horizons: weʼll have great content for both technical and business people because thatʼs where Kentico Kontent itself stands out as a headless CMS—itʼs loved by both marketers and developers! So hurry up and register now, the tickets are free

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Kontentʼs Managing Director Bart Omlo would also like to invite you to Kontent Horizons! Hear what he has to say:
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