The Evolution of the Cloud-first Headless CMS (Infographic)

We created an infographic that will help you quickly learn and understand the cloud-first headless CMS concept. Learn how the industry came to this point and why we believe this is the future.

Petr PalasPublished on Jan 4, 2017

We believe the cloud-first headless CMS is the future. It allows you to focus on your content and its presentation, while we take care of the CMS, its upgrades, performance, security, etc. Following our blog post series on headless CMS, we created an infographic for those who prefer images over long texts.

For download, please click the links below:

Headless CMS infographic
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Petr Palas

I am the founder and Executive Chairman of & Kentico. I started the company back in 2004 with a clear goal: to provide businesses and digital agencies with a CMS solution that would make their lives easier.

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