How Kentico Is Coping with COVID-19

In recent days, we’ve received questions from our customers about our readiness and contingency plans in the face of the COVID-19 virus outbreak. Since transparency is one of our core values, we decided to share more details on how we’re making sure our customers can rely on us even in these times.

Petr PalasPublished on Mar 11, 2020

Kentico has customers in over 120 countries, and our offices are located in six countries on four continents. As such, we have to take into account a broad perspective of serving our clients globally and being able to adapt to changing conditions in each region.

So far, we haven’t faced any incident related to COVID-19. For situations like these, we have a pandemic plan in place. Our pandemic response team monitors the current situation and takes severe precautions to avoid any negative impact.

In order to ensure business continuity, we are focusing on the following areas:

Protecting the Health of Our Employees and Customers

The health and safety of our employees and customers come first. That’s why we decided to take several precautions:

  • We encourage a healthy lifestyle for our employees, which isn’t limited to these times but applies now more than ever.
  • We have taken the decision to introduce a distributed-work model and ensure that unless absolutely necessary, employees will work remotely. 
  • We encourage our employees to use their sick days if they don’t feel well. 
  • We are cancelling business trips and participation at events. While we love meeting our customers in person, we will switch to virtual communication whenever possible. 

Enabling Our Employees to Work from Home

We’re fortunate that all of our work can be done remotely, and we support employee flexibility in terms of where and when work is done. We built our infrastructure in a way that allows employees to work remotely in a productive and secure manner (including regular security awareness training). That applies to all team members in all departments.

Providing Timely and Accurate 24/7 Support

Many years ago, we made the right decision to provide support from multiple locations. We knew this was a more sustainable model. Today, our Support, Consulting, and Customer Success teams operate from three independent locations: the US, Europe, and Australia. With over 20 support engineers in multiple geographies, we’re able to provide a consistent quality of support 24/7. For more complex cases, our Support Engineers are backed by our Development team. Our Support Engineers are equipped to provide support from home office, if needed.

Ensuring the Service Availability for Kentico Kontent

Aside from providing 24/7 support, our Support Engineers are trained to quickly react to any anomalies in Kentico Kontent’s service availability. They’re backed by third-level support provided by our Development team, who are ready to solve the most complex incidents at any time. 

Kentico Kontent relies on industry-leading cloud services, including Microsoft Azure, Fastly, and Auth0. Each of them has their own contingency plans in place to ensure business continuity. Also, we run multiple instances of the service in regional Azure data centers in North America, Europe, and Australia, lowering the potential impact of local service unavailability.

Sustaining Market Turbulence

The COVID-19 epidemic has recently caused some turbulence in the stock markets. Kentico has always had a sustainable business model, maintaining profitability for over 15 consecutive years. With a substantial customer base and a strong partner network across the globe, we don’t rely on a single geography or vertical. That, together with a portfolio of two CMS products, gives us the necessary resilience and ability to overcome temporary market fluctuations without impact on the quality of our services.

We’re Here for You

Should you have any questions regarding Kentico and COVID-19, please feel free to contact us. We wish all our customers and their families around the world the health to overcome this challenge.

Written by

Petr Palas

I am the founder and Executive Chairman of & Kentico. I started the company back in 2004 with a clear goal: to provide businesses and digital agencies with a CMS solution that would make their lives easier.

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