Improved Commenting Experience in Kontent

We are continuously working on making collaboration better in Kentico Kontent. If  you’ve been using comments, you’ve probably noticed that we improved their design and usability last year. In 2020, we are striving to make them even better.

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Adham AmranPublished on Jan 28, 2020

Use Comments with All Types of Elements

Until now, users were limited in what elements they could comment on. That’s alright if you use mainly rich text, but what about other elements? With this release, it’s now possible to comment on several additional elements:

  • Multiple choice
  • Number
  • Taxonomy
  • Assets in rich text
Ability to comment on new types of elements (e.g. multiple-choice)

Correct Comment Position

Previously, all comments in a content item were displayed in a single list regardless of where in the content they were actually placed. We are fixing this, by positioning comments right next to the content they are linked to. Hopefully, this will make interacting with comments much faster.

When a content item includes Content groups, you’ll only see comments for the content group you’re working on. We’ve placed a badge next to the title of the content group containing unresolved comments so that you can easily notice there’s something needing your attention there.

We’ve also done a few visual improvements to comments:

  • Better legibility thanks to a bigger font size and stronger contrast of the comments
  • Adding colorful avatars to better distinguish which user created each comment

With these improvements, we aim to make collaborating on your content more effective and comfortable. 

Do you use comments in Kentico Kontent? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team if there are other improvements you’d like to see in the future.

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Written by

Adham Amran