In-Context Editing: The best way to update website content

Since introducing Web Spotlight nearly two months ago, we’ve spoken with many customers and partners who were excited about the immediate benefits they’d seen from implementing this feature. 

Corey HamiltonPublished on Oct 14, 2020

While we loved hearing about these early successes, we promised them that we were just getting started and that there’d be more improvements coming in the near future.

Today, we’re happy to announce the release of our first exciting improvement: In-Context Editing!

In-Context Editing expands on the existing editing experience of Web Spotlight, letting editors update their website content right within the pages of their preview site. This means updates can be completed in seconds with users knowing exactly how their changes fit into the page. Additionally, In-context Editing leverages all the collaboration features of Kentico Kontent, letting users provide feedback via comments and edit content simultaneously within the pages of their websites.

Updating website content with In-context Editing.

Better website content leads to more engaging customer journeys

The new In-Context Editor creates new opportunities for digital marketing and content teams to optimize customer journeys as they browse their websites. The built-in collaboration allows subject matter experts and stakeholders to provide feedback on their web pages as they appear. This means they can suggest improvements for more accurate and engaging content to ensure the messaging on each page aligns with overarching digital goals.

Commenting on website content within the context of the page.

To get started with In-Context Editing or to add Web Spotlight to your projects, contact your Customer Success Manager or the Kentico Kontent Sales team today!

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Corey Hamilton

I’m the Director of Product Marketing at I’m responsible for aligning to the needs of digitally mature organizations through go-to-market strategy, product launches, and positioning & messaging.

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