Introducing World-Class Content Operations with Collections

World-class content operations with Collections

By Corey HamiltonMar 18, 2021

Digital transformation initiatives have helped many enterprises realize their existing content management tools prevent them from establishing a unified content strategy that balances agility and control across all their websites, applications, and initiatives.

Fortunately, the Kontent team has been hard at work on a solutionCollections!

Enterprises can now manage all their content in a single repository while maintaining control over which users can access each type of content. Individual Collections act as sub-repositories, where contributors can create and manage content according to their department, regional content needs, or separate brands. While permissions dictate access to each Collection, a common content model is shared across all Collections, ensuring alignment with your overarching strategy and operational requirements.

Collections promote the reuse of content across websites, applications, and channels.
Collections promote the reuse of content across websites, applications, and channels.

Because all your content can now reside in the same repository, content items can be shared across teams, websites, and experiences to ensure consistency and eliminate error-prone duplication that reduces efficiency and frustrates many enterprise content teams.

Collections are now generally available on all Premium and Enterprise plans. Check out our documentation to get started using Collections today!

Written by
Corey Hamilton

I’m the Director of Product Marketing at Kentico. I’m responsible for aligning Kontent to the needs of digitally mature organizations through go-to-market strategy, product launches, and positioning & messaging.

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