Kentico Cloud Best Practices—by Get Started

By Ondrej FridrichMar 7, 2018

Andy Thompson and his team at Get Started were one of the first explorers of Kentico Cloud, already building  some half dozen projects with this headless CMS. Watch Andy's presentation from Kentico Roadshow with some hot tips and tricks useful for every headless project. 

Whether you are new to Kentico Cloud or have already started building your first project in Kentico Cloud, it is never too late to learn from best practices. At least you won't have to reach the same deadlocks as somebody else has already done it for you :-)

Andy and his team at Get Started already have some experience with Kentico Cloud projects and  in his presentation, he shares with you what they found most useful for their projects as well as what you should avoid when running your own project. 

Get more familiar with all the resources available for Kentico Cloud users, and use various best practices, such as Search as a Service, Content Type based navigation, Modular Content, or Content Personalization, and leverage the power of headless CMS. 

If you want to discover more useful tips for Kentico Cloud users, watch a recording of Andy’s presentation below, or see the slides on SlideShare.

Kentico Cloud Best Practices - Andy Thompson
Written by
Ondrej Fridrich

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