Kentico Cloud's Coming to You with Kentico Roadshow

By Stephen GriffinMar 14, 2017

Would you like to meet Kentico staff and learn what benefits Kentico Cloud can bring your business? Continue reading and don't miss your chance to book your FREE place on Kentico Roadshow!

This spring, we're bringing Kentico to a city near you, with Kentico Roadshow—a series of one-day events taking place in Australia, the US, and Europe. 

Open to all, but primarily targeting Kentico partners, Kentico Roadshow will showcase Kentico Cloud and Kentico EMS, providing you with technical details about both platforms and explaining what to consider when deciding which one to use for your projects. You'll also learn what benefits each option can bring your business.

Still haven't decided whether to attend? You'll get a chance to have a look at roadmaps of Kentico Cloud and Kentico EMS, as well as scenarios when to use Kentico Cloud, a headless CMS, and Kentico EMS, a traditional CMS. To give you a better understanding of headless CMS, we're preparing technical sessions on "Transition to the Cloud-First Headless CMS Development Model" and "Developing with a Headless CMS". Moreover, you might get a sneak peek at the new features we're developing for you.

And, no Kentico event is complete without networking. Take this great opportunity to catch up with Kentico staff and chat with other partners from your region.

Kentico Kontent

We're kicking off the roadshow in April, so don't hesitate to fill in the online registration form and book your FREE place. Yep, that’s right, it’s absolutely free!


April 4 – Kentico Roadshow – Sydney

April 6 – Kentico Roadshow – Melbourne


May 1 – Kentico Roadshow – Chicago

May 3 – Kentico Roadshow – Denver

May 5 – Kentico Roadshow – Boston


May 16 – Kentico Roadshow – London

May 18 – Kentico Roadshow – Amsterdam

We do have sponsorship packages available for the event. If you are interested in getting your brand in front of the crowd, please contact Iva Konecna at

Written by
Stephen Griffin

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