Kentico Roadshow 2017

By Ondrej FridrichSep 4, 2017

Kentico Roadshow will showcase Kentico EMS and Kentico Cloud, giving you a greater technical understanding of both platforms, what to consider when deciding which one to use for your projects, and learn what benefits each option can bring your business.

Morning sessions

  • Opening keynote (Kentico 11, news in Kentico Cloud)
  • Case study

Afternoon sessions

  • EMS track: E-commerce Renaissance―It’s modular, extendible, functional, and insanely fabulous
  • EMS track: Partnership with Ucommerce―Do more commerce on Kentico than ever before
  • EMS track: New email builder―The drag-and-drop heaven
  • Cloud track: Content modelling for omnichannel delivery
  • Cloud track: Microservices architecture for omnichannel delivery
  • Cloud track: Experience management for omnichannel delivery
  • GDPR
  • Case study
  • Closing notes

Roadshow Stops


Oct 9 – Kentico Roadshow Singapore

Oct 11 – Kentico Roadshow Sydney

Oct 13 – Kentico Roadshow Melbourne


Oct 24 – Kentico Roadshow Boston

Oct 26 – Kentico Roadshow Chicago


Nov 7 – Kentico Roadshow London

Nov 9 – Kentico Roadshow Amsterdam

We do have sponsorship packages available for the event. If you are interested in getting your brand in front of the crowd, please contact Iva Konecna at

Written by
Ondrej Fridrich

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