Looking for an Enterprise API CMS? Look no more!

By Vojtech BorilOct 30, 2018

Kentico Cloud has come a long way in the last year. We've seen tremendous growth both in our feature set and customer base. We learned that more and more large organizations look for enterprise-specific information on the web, and that's why we are launching a brand new Enterprise page.

We have delivered tons of features that you asked for. Capabilities to choose your data storage location or customize roles and workflows are key elements for every enterprise. We are improving the way people produce content with features like Components and Suggestion mode. Most importantly, we are helping our customers grow their business and create engaging and meaningful stories.

Features for Enterprises

Our new Enterprise page brings together relevant information that helps clients choose the setup they need. Our enterprise offering includes:

  • Enterprise-scale readiness: No matter how many users, custom roles, or projects you have, Kentico Cloud has you covered. Adding an extra layer of user management security with SSO (Single Sign-On) or MFA (Multifactor Authentication) is a sure thing too.
  • Scalable infrastructure: Worry no more about things like maintenance, 24/7 backup, service availability, or high-end performance. 
  • World-class support and services: We want to make sure your mission-critical projects are successful. That's why all enterprise clients get 24/7 top priority support, a dedicated Customer Success Manager, and consulting with our technical experts for free.
  • and more!

Check out the Enterprise page to learn more.

More Features Coming Soon

This is just the beginning. We're continuing with our two-week release cycles and plan to deliver many new features soon. We really listen to our customers. The odds are that if you suggest an improvement or feature request, you will see it on our Product Roadmap soon. 

Written by
Vojtech Boril

I’m VP Growth & Marketing at Kontent. I am passionate about SaaS product marketing/growth and endurance sports!

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