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Find the exact asset you’re looking for with taxonomies

By Monica RaszykSep 6, 2021

We're always improving Kontent by Kentico to enable strategists, creators, and developers alike! Check out how taxonomies help teams flexibly organize and govern digital assets.  

Content is more than just copy. Grabbing attention, educating a buyer, evoking a feeling: carefully selected assets help make digital experiences meaningful. To choose the right digital asset for your content, you need an organized library that’s easy to work with. So what can you do when this starts to feel overwhelming?  

Keeping your library useful can be a challenge, especially when there’s more of everything to manage these days: users, content, and assets. To scale your content workflow, it’s important to have advanced asset management that can accommodate:

  • More diverse and complex content operations 
  • More teams and users in the mix 
  • A growing volume of assets and folders 
  • More complex relationships between assets 
  • A variety of search intents and mental models  

Kontent’s asset library capabilities support smooth digital delivery. This latest release kicks off the next wave of enhancements to specifically address complexities of scale, allowing teams to get more value out of the assets they already have. Introducing: asset taxonomies.  

When you know what you’re looking for  

In Kontent, you can now use taxonomies to categorize assets, the same way you do for content. Simply customize one asset type per project with taxonomy elements, instead of creating virtual content items to add asset metadata. 

Taxonomies in the asset library make it easy to find the right asset
Taxonomies in the asset library make it easy to find the right asset

When assets are neatly categorized, the search process is way simpler. The best asset for the job can be found and retrieved in an instant, regardless of where it lives in the folder system.  

To ensure your taxonomy groups support real users with real intents, consider common dimensions that will help users select the right asset, such as: 

  • Locations, audience, descriptive categories  
  • Brands, departments, organizational units 
  • Regions, languages, purposes, licensing agreements 
  • Features and descriptions 

A good taxonomy takes the guessing game out of the search, allowing an asset to be discovered from more than one entry point or perspective. It also helps govern how assets should and shouldn't be used. 

Spotting new opportunities in your asset library 

Creating the right asset taxonomies takes some pre-planning, but don’t let that stop you from getting started. It’s not necessary to overhaul your asset library all at once. Making incremental updates allows your teams to see immediate value in the taxonomy system and invest in its upkeep.  

To start, focus on categorizing assets that have the most reuse potential: these are the ones that need to be searchable and discoverable first, as they’ll bring you more long-term value. Long-term value is an important consideration, especially for scaling teams who need to be mindful of their design resources and capacity.  

Filtering by “uncategorized” allows you to easily tidy up the library too. Quickly spot the assets that may have been overlooked and assign them to the right group. 

Do a quick sweep through uncategorized assets in your library to keep it clean and tidy.
Do a quick sweep through uncategorized assets in your library to keep it clean and tidy.

Not everything needs to necessarily belong to a group, but too many uncategorized assets may signal potential inefficiencies in asset creation a well as opportunities for reuse. 

Getting started with advanced asset management  

Don’t let your hidden gem assets languish in your library. To keep assets findable and usable, make sure everyone understands what taxonomies are and how to use them. If you’re interested in getting started with advanced asset management in Kontent, schedule a personalized demo with one of our content experts.

Written by
Monica Raszyk

I’m the Director of Product Marketing at Kontent by Kentico. I work with marketing, product, and sales teams to deliver go-to-market strategies and messaging that everyone can rally around.

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