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Product Update - Content Groups, Project Overview and UX Improvements

We've got something tasty for your Summer months! This July, we're introducing Content Groups that make authoring more straightforward, a Project overview screen, and a lot of UX improvements.

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Kentico Cloud Product TeamPublished on Jul 15, 2019

New Features Released 📦

Content Groups

Is your content a sprawling mess of elements, assets, and data? We've got you covered with Content Groups. These make it much easier to tell your content contributors what they should be working on. In a few minutes, you can; split your existing Content models into tabs, group different elements (like authoring, metadata or assets), make a split across different roles or something unique to your project, or go nuts and use a ton of emojis! 🏄‍♂️

Content Groups

Project Overview 

Need a quick overview of how your project's coming along? You can find out which content might need your attention on the Project overview screen, or which content contributors need help with their deadlines. 

Project Overview

Introducing Home

We are making some tweaks to the navigation, starting with a new Home screen. You'll be able to see a list of relevant content straight away when you open Kentico Cloud, along with a Project overview and an Editorial calendar. We hope this will make finding the right content much easier for you. Let us know what you think!

Introducing home

Fixes and UX Improvements 🛠

More Support for Shortcuts

We are continuously working on making content authoring more ergonomic for our users. This month we are adding keyboard shortcuts to a rich text editor–headings, lists, and a lot of other actions! Learn more.

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