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Product Update - Asset Folders, Australia Data Center, and More

Good news! We are finally releasing Asset folders, our most asked for feature. Our team is also working hard on making content authoring and integrations even better for you. Here's what's new:

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Kentico Cloud Product TeamPublished on Mar 23, 2019

Asset Library Folders

Starting today, you can keep your Assets organized with folders: A must-have for any projects, especially big ones! This is the first release of Asset folders, so let us know if you're missing something.

Data Center in Australia 🇦🇺🐨👍

G'day! If you're Down Under you'll probably be excited about the option to create your projects in an Australian Data center!

See Your To-Do List in the New "My Content" Tab

Need to know what you should be working on? Use a new to-do list with all your assigned items. Check it out under "My Content" tab.

Duplicate Content items 

Another big ask in our roadmap, duplicating Content items saves you time and sanity when dealing with very similar content.

Pro tip - Use this to make a content template instead of having to type it all again and again and again.

Missing Something?

Want to see what we're working on and tell us what you think? Check out our public roadmap.

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