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Say Hello to Kentico Cloud Integrations

Kentico Cloud has been developing by leaps and bounds in the past few months. Based on feedback from our customers, we knew that we need to provide them with a means of integrating Kentico Cloud with other best of breed services. Today, I am happy to introduce our Integration Page that summarizes available integrations. And the list is growing!

Vojtech BorilPublished on May 29, 2019

We kicked off the beginning of 2019 with two big product priorities in our minds:

  1. Make the Kentico Cloud Enterprise offering even stronger
  2. Start working on integrations with best of breed services

Our goal is to build an ecosystem of services around Kentico Cloud that users can leverage to cover all major digital marketing scenarios, while Kentico Cloud takes care of all things content-related. I am happy to say that just after a few months into 2019, we released the first Kentico Cloud extensions and integrations.

Custom Elements

It all started with our Custom Elements functionality moving out of Beta. Custom Elements allow you to customize the authoring experience of Kentico Cloud and extend its capabilities with things like a full WYSIWYG editor, YouTube video selector, geolocation, and much more. Go check out our Custom Elements gallery to see its full potential.

Available Integrations

What is more important, we have documented integrations with some best of breed services across different marketing disciplines. Our new Integration Page summarizes everything you need to know about the available integrations. We started with a few key disciplines:

  • E-commerce: Our goal was to enable users to enrich their eshop's reach using meaningful content managed in Kentico Cloud. Currently, we support Shopify and Magento, and more e-commerce integrations are coming.
  • Analytics: We wanted to empower our users to monitor and evaluate how content from Kentico Cloud performs with Google Analytics so that they can make relevant business decisions based on the data.
  • Optimization and Personalization: Once users have relevant data on how their content performs, they also need to optimize and personalize the content. That's why we introduced integration with Optimizely audiences. 
  • Digital Asset Management: Large organizations very often require robust DAMs such as Bynder to manage all their assets, and we want them to get the most out of their media by integrating with a DAM platform of their choice. 

The list goes on, of course. As of today, we also have integrations with search services, collaboration platforms, static site generators, and more. And remember—you can always find all available integrations with popular platforms on the new Integration Page.

More Integrations Coming Soon

This is just the beginning. We're currently working on integrations with HubSpot, Smartling, Exponea, and many others. But the key thing is, we do listen to our customers. Are you missing an important integration that you would use alongside Kentico Cloud? Just let us know! We're all ears!

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Vojtech Boril

I’m VP Growth & Marketing at I am passionate about SaaS product marketing & growth and endurance sports!

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