Kentico Site of the Year 2018 Winners

Finalists for the Best Kentico Cloud Implementation Category Unveiled

By Jana RepakovaApr 24, 2019

Our special committee evaluated all projects submitted for the Best Kentico Cloud Implementation category in Kentico Site of the Year 2018, and the finalists have been shortlisted.

Dentsu Aegis Network

Implemented by Isobar

Their new website needed not only to position Dentsu Aegis Network as a leader in the market but also bring to life their vision of “Innovating the Way Brands Are Built”.  Isobar was on a learning curve regarding the full capabilities of Kentico Cloud and how these could be applied to a multi-site of 26 different markets. Isobar built the websites on a Ruby on Rails platform and designed and built Ruby on Rails SDK. The project is a great success in terms of the number of leads created (a primary purpose of the project). Since launching early this year, it has grown from almost no leads to 1,500 new business leads.

Dentsu Aegis Network website

Kentico Kontent

Stay Alfred

Stay Alfred offer the space and amenities of a vacation rental combined with the quality and consistency of a boutique hotel. They aimed to reinvent the experience of looking for and purchasing rooms. The Stay Alfred project has a set of dynamic data in rates and availability and fairly static data in descriptions and images. The entire implementation took three months including the development of custom solutions to power dynamic data. The overall outcome of the project is an increase in organic traffic, conversion rates, time on site, and the number of pages visited. Since its launch, Stay Alfred has booked $12 million in revenue on the site. 

Stay Alfred website

Kentico Kontent

University of Oxford - Research

Implemented by Syndicut

The University of Oxford was using a Drupal CMS and was looking to move toward a headless CMS, which would not only serve content to the website but also feed content to other applications, for example, Apple News and Flipboard. There was a priority to move all 2,500 articles in their entirety from the existing Drupal system into Kentico Cloud, including categories, tags, and images. The full implementation took around six weeks. The strict timescale was achieved by utilizing the Kentico Cloud boilerplate and adding customizations. A majority of the Kentico Cloud features on offer was utilized to the full potential, such as Taxonomy, Roles, Webhooks, and responsive images.

University of Oxford - Research website

Kentico Kontent

Australian Wine

Implemented by Devotion

Australia is one of the world’s biggest wine producers—the world’s fifth largest exporter—and their wine-making is innovative, evolving, and complex. Devotion was engaged by Wine Australia to create a consumer-facing website that would raise the profile of Australian wine locally and globally, making it the number one choice in markets such as China and the US. This new website also needed to persuade wine drinkers to consider switching from non-Australian wine to local wine and showcase the history, heritage, and passion of Australian winemakers.

Australian Wine website

Kentico Kontent

About the Contest

The annual Kentico Site of the Year contest seeks out the best Kentico and Kentico Cloud implementations and chooses the top projects from each category to be put to a public or special committee vote. The winners of all Kentico Site of the Year 2018 awards will be announced on April 25, 2019. Stay tuned to find out if your favorite project succeeded in getting the top spot.

Written by
Jana Repakova

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