Technical webinar recording—developing .NET MVC websites with Kentico Cloud

Did you miss our technical webinar for Kentico Cloud developers? No worries, you can still watch it here. 

Tomas HrubyPublished on Dec 19, 2016

Extraordinary projects require total freedom to experiment. With our new API-first CMS, Kentico Cloud, you can develop a website or mobile application with the technology you love, without the overhead of a traditional CMS platform. The best part is that security and performance are carried out by Kentico Cloud, freeing you to focus on your solution. 

In this webinar, Kentico Cloud Product Manager/Developer Tomas Hruby introduced this new API-first CMS and demonstrated how you could develop a simple .NET MVC application with Kentico Cloud.

If you missed our technical webinar, you can watch it on YouTube

The webinar covered the following topics:

  • What is cloud CMS?
  • Working with content types
  • Kentico Deliver documentation
  • Use of .NET SDK
  • API Key
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Tomas Hruby

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