Web Spotlight Brings Visual Website Building to Headless CMS

Web Spotlight brings visual website building to Headless CMS

We are adding another functionality that all content editors are missing in headless CMSs. And it’s nothing less than the ability to build a web page from top to bottom using building blocks directly in the Preview tab of Web Spotlight.

Martin Malenovsky

Martin MalenovskyPublished on Jun 2, 2021

Making website management easier for global content teams

If you’re a marketing expert or a content professional working in a CMS, you’ve probably heard that using a headless CMS will tie your hands because there is no WYSIWYG editor that would enable you to move individual pieces of your page around. You can’t customize the layout and the design of individual pages, and you feel like you can’t change even a small detail on your website without asking a web developer for help.

This is true for most headless CMS products. But not for Kontent. To address our customers’ needs and provide them with a more visual way of managing their websites, we introduced Web Spotlight last year—an add-on that combines the best of the traditional, in-context website management with the flexibility of a headless CMS.

Let’s recap what Web Spotlight allows you to do. With this add-on in your project, you can:

  • Manage the navigation of your website through the page tree
  • Find a specific page easily via the page tree, so you do not need to remember the names of content items representing web pages
  • Quickly edit the preview of a web page (fix a typo, add a sentence, etc.) through the In-Context Editor
Add button in Web Spotlight
Kentico Kontent’s Web Spotlight and redesigned user interface

Innovating how editors build web pages in Headless CMS

Until now, when you wanted to build a landing page, you had to utilize your existing templates, or if you were allowed to build the web page using individual blocks, it was a bit of a challenge to see the result because of the missing preview.

Our latest improvement is a game-changer in the way you can build your web pages in Kentico Kontent. The new Add button functionality lets you assemble a web page directly in the Preview tab of Web Spotlight using web components.

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The new Add button functionality in Web Spotlight

Constantly improving the content editing experience

As a result, enterprise content teams can now create exceptional web pages from scratch in Web Spotlight, no coding required. The Add button is one of the many improvements we’ve planned to deliver the best and most intuitive content editing experience in a headless CMS (see our Product Roadmap to find out more).

If you’d like to add Web Spotlight to your projects, contact the Kentico Kontent Sales team.

In case you’re already using Web Spotlight and want to activate the Add button, you have to perform two simple actions:

  1. Update Smart link SDK to the latest version.
  2. Provide necessary metadata to the preview version of your site to see the Add buttons according to Smart link SDK documentation.
Martin Malenovsky
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