Webinar Recording: What's New in Kentico Cloud—March 2017

By Ondrej FridrichMar 31, 2017

Did you miss our March webinar where the latest Kentico Cloud features were introduced? Don't worry, you can watch the full webinar recording anytime. 

In this session, Kentico Cloud Product Owners introduced new features—Content Linking, Content Element Limits, Required Elements, and others. 

Watch the webinar recording or download the webinar presentation on SlideShare.

What are all the new features about? 

With content linking, content contributors can now select a phrase in a rich text field and link it to another content item in your inventory. Content element limits enables setting of character or word limits to ensure your content contributors are delivering the required text lengths for your desired locations. And we did not forget to add something valuable for marketers as well—thanks to editing of segments, users can come back and see static segment details, edit them, and recalculate them.

As well as all the new features, you get a peek at the product roadmap showing you how the future development of Kentico Cloud headless CMS looks. 

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Written by
Ondrej Fridrich

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