Webinar Recording: What's New in Kentico Cloud—January 2017

By Ondrej FridrichJan 25, 2017

Did you miss our webinar where we introduced the latest features of Kentico Cloud? No worries, you can simply watch the full webinar recording anytime. 

In this session, Kentico Cloud Product Owners introduced new features—Roles and Content Preview. 

Watch the webinar recording

Now, you can select a Role for each of your users, helping people with different skillsets collaborate on projects and concentrate on what is important to them. And, with Content Previews, you can view your Content Items before approving or publishing them, giving you the added confidence that what you are publishing is correct. Additionally, Kentico 10 import module has been added to Kentico Cloud. 

Besides these new features, you can get a glimpse at the product roadmap and see what the future development of Kentico Cloud headless CMS will look like. 

Written by
Ondrej Fridrich

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