What's New in Kentico Cloud—February 2017

By Stephen GriffinFeb 14, 2017

February has been a busy month for us so far, and we have added a lot of new features to Kentico Cloud. Every two weeks, we will release new features in Kentico Cloud to make your user experience even better. So, let me introduce some of the features we have released in the last month.

Inline Images

As a content contributor, you sometimes know what images you want to use to enrich a piece of text and where you want to insert them. With Inline Images, you can now insert an image into any location within a Rich Text element without having to upload it as an asset content element. You can also specify a description of the image, which will be used as alt text later in the Delivery API.

Inline images
Inline images

Required Element

How often have you requested some work from a content contributor but when it was complete, you were missing some details that you really needed? Now, with Required Elements, you can solve this issue. You can set any Content Element in any Content Type as “required” and be sure that the content is provided before the page is published.

Required elements
Required elements

Multiple Choice Content Element

It is obvious—mistakes in your content reflect badly on the project. So, we have introduced the option to create content types that can include a list of options to choose from when producing content. Choose between radio buttons or checkboxes to give content contributors a set of predefined options, preventing them from using unsupported or mistyped items. The project manager can add various content pieces that could potentially be used, and the content contributor can then select the desired option without having to worry about mistakes.

Multiple choice
Multiple choice


All marketers want to contact relevant people rather than just mass groups. With Segmentation, visitors to certain pages and sections, or visitors that submitted forms are automatically segmented into relevant groups and static lists are created. These lists can be exported to any emailing tool for use in your email marketing campaigns. Now you can target visitor groups much better with your message for even greater success in your campaigns.

Development Improvements

As well as all the features we've added, we have made some updates to the core development functionality also. With Content Types Endpoint, you can get a list of content types by using the Delivery API instead of having to manually recreate it from the content types in the UI. You can use the Content Types in your source code when implementing features such as displaying multiple choice element options or generating strongly typed models.

Additionally, from version 1.0.6, the Deliver SDK targets .NET Standard 1.3, which means it can be used with applications running on platforms supporting this version of the standard, most notably the brand new .NET Core. Now, Kentico Cloud can be used to develop applications using .NET and run them on different platforms than Windows, enabling developers to benefit from architectural changes (especially regarding modularity) in .NET Core, and allowing DevOps to deploy lightweight, self-contained apps to container services like Docker.

Improved User Experience

And finally, in this past month (wow, it's been busy), we have also introduced some usability improvements. Now, when you want to perform bulk actions, you can select items from across all pages of your content inventory and perform the desired actions. Plus with improved taxonomy filtering, you can drill down much more into your content inventory, meaning you find what you want much faster. If you have multiple taxonomies created to categorize content, you can select multiple variables, which all work together and provide you with a more precise response. And finally, this month, we have launched a redesigned User Interface for our Customer Engagement Solution that gives you a new contact list, better responsiveness, and an improved user experience.

That's all for now. Don't worry, it was an active month, but our team is already working on even more features for our next release. If you want to learn more about these features, and more from the world of Kentico Cloud, make sure you sign up for our February Launch webinar on February 22. And in case you haven't heard about it already, we are taking Kentico Cloud on a global tour with the Kentico Roadshow. Get your free slot now.

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Stephen Griffin

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