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Content Developer / Technical Writer.

Help our customers effectively work with and step up their business game. Grab this opportunity to learn something new every day.

What will you be doing?

Together with your colleagues from the Customer Education team, you’ll be taking care of the Learn portal. This is where we gather all the tutorials, API references, e-learning courses, and other educational materials for our customers, all written in English. Your job is going to be to:

  • Prepare educational materials – videos, articles, or images. You'll get your hands on technical, nontechnical, and marketing materials.
  • Research and analyze how to approach educational materials – you'll be looking into who uses which features, and what materials are most valuable to them. You'll plan how to make use of the acquired data.
  • Create UI copy for the product – you'll have a direct impact on how we're talking to the customers. Not just in the educational materials but also in the product itself.

We’ve been in the process of significant improvements to the portal. What used to be just a help center has been evolving into a complex educational portal. Both existing customers and new visitors should have a chance to learn about different topics, such as content management or content strategy.

How does our team work?

In the Customer Education team, we either work on our own tasks or handle requests coming from other teams. Typically, we pick one larger long-term project that we want to focus on and process smaller requests in between.

For example, some of our larger projects from the past and present:

  • Increasing the adoption of our e-learning – everyone gets involved in doing interviews, analyses, or coming up with new innovative ideas.
  • Product redesign – adjusting all the existing screenshots, videos, and instructions in a quick and efficient way.
  • Restructuring of the Learn portal – setting up a different navigation structure while also repositioning it in customer communication.

“One exciting perk I didn't even imagine this position could have – you can directly influence the customer experience with what you do!”  — David Klement, Content Developer

Is it you?

We're looking for someone who likes to learn new things and discover what’s under the hood. Maybe you’re already working as an E-learning Designer, Educator, or Training Specialist. We have a colleague with technical background as well as someone who was previously a schoolteacher.

We have a match if you are:

  • Proficient in English and write without mistakes
  • Tech-savvy and interested in new trends
  • Communicative and able to talk to both technical and business-oriented people
  • Able to explain complex topics simply
  • Able to read JavaScript or .NET code
  • A resident of the Czech Republic or if you have a valid work permit here

You’ll get extra points if you also have experience with concise and engaging writing, performing research, data analysis, or presenting and teaching. But you don't need to know all of these – when working at, you'll get to pick an area of interest and later become an expert in it.

I get to work on many exciting projects and gain considerable autonomy. From technical writing to video editing, the variety of work keeps me going as do our supportive leaders.” — Jan Cerman, Senior Content Developer

What's not part of the job?

These kinds of positions have always been surrounded by many myths and legends. Probably because it actually differs from company to company. And that's why we want to make sure you know what the position is not about.

  • We don't write comments for the source code of our product. We've never done that and will never do.
  • We don't spend most of the time writing. On the contrary, our job is mainly about communication and coming up with ideas.
  • We don't wait for developers and feature releases. We plan most of our projects and create our own destiny.
  • You don't need to be an English native speaker to succeed in this position. Most of our team members have always been Czech or Slovak.
ClockType of employment: Full-time
ClockStart Date:Immediately
ClockLanguage: English C1

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Perks & Benefits


Work-life balance

Balancing your professional and personal life can be tricky. We want to help you strike the right balance between both of them without having to compromise either one. That’s why we offer flexible working hours, working from home (or anywhere else), and a five-week holiday so that you can get in touch with your inner social butterfly. We also extend paternity leave for fathers and give loyal employees a month-long sabbatical to unplug and recharge.


Health is a priority

We take the health and happiness of our employees seriously. We provide a meal allowance so you can eat healthy at home or take advantage of healthy snacks at the office. We also offer massages to help your body (and mind) relax when you need to recharge your batteries. Or you can take part in sports events with your coworkers—whether that means playing football, badminton, or squash. And if you get sick? No worries! We provide unlimited sick days, so you can take care of yourself when you need it.


We learn every day

We believe that a growth mindset is the real key to success. That’s why we dedicate 20% of our working time to education and innovations so that each employee can thrive in their career—from attending conferences and running internal workshops to borrowing books from our company library and gaining professional certifications. The icing on the cake? We also have a native English teacher who helps us improve our language skills.