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Product Designer.

"What should the solution be for our users to adopt it and enjoy using it?" This is the type of question our developers ask PMs and designers to help with improving the lives of content strategists and editors in our content management system. The solution then, validated with our users, has clear outcomes and meets specific business goals.

Designers usually work on product opportunities in pairs so that they can complement and help each other. Backing them is an experienced Design team with a fine-tuned design process, comprehensive review process, and training. UX Research helps with the design and execution of research, as well as with usability testing, if needed. All of this is necessary because we are creating a truly complex system where our users appreciate great usability.

In addition to working with development, the designers can be involved in a lot of additional activities. Someone might want to further develop the design system, another person might want to educate our colleagues, and someone else might want to improve some of our processes. It’s easy to discuss anything with anyone here and it’s possible to make a change.

How do we get there

Every newcomer gets assigned a so-called Buddy who will work closely with them for the first few months and teach them everything they need to know. We have a helpful onboarding plan that will guide you from the beginning to becoming an independent Designer.

The entire UX team meets several times a week to discuss our ongoing work and capacities. We have dedicated time slots for various workshops and training, or over a coffee. In addition, we have strategically focused days in the office from time to time, or we discuss them during an offsite somewhere nice.

Everyone has a day in the week to work on educational projects, or maybe even to read a book that we can buy on request. We attend conferences, or participate in various courses/webinars.

We care about our work-life balance. Everyone can work fully remotely, or go to the office as they please. We don't have meetings on Fridays so that we can use this time for personal development or focus time. We don't monitor work hours or track how much time we spend on what. We don't report anything. On top of that, we have 25 vacation days and unlimited sick days.

Our hiring process

The first part is completely voluntary and with no commitment. Typically, we invite you for a coffee and chat where we tell you a bit about ourselves and learn a little bit about you. If you make a good impression on us we will follow up with an interview.

The mandatory part of our recruitment process is a two-part interview. The first round is more generic and includes a friendly HR representative. The second round is practical and with designers only. We use a fictional scenario to try to get an idea of how the candidate would think and communicate. Each round lasts about an hour and can also be done remotely. Ideally, though, we like to meet at least once face-to-face in Brno! After the second round, we are ready to make the decision.

The perfect candidate...

  • Knows what Jobs to be Done is and has worked with product management and development to figure out what makes sense to deliver to customers right now.
  • Has done primary research to figure out what is missing.
  • Has helped the development team come up with a solution and test whether it delivers what it's supposed to.
  • Has helped figure out how to measure the success of what was designed.
  • Has worked with a design system.
ClockType of employment: Full-time
ClockStart Date:Immediately
ClockLanguage: English C1/Advanced

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Perks & Benefits


Work-life balance

Balancing your professional and personal life can be tricky. We want to help you strike the right balance between both of them without having to compromise either one. That’s why we offer flexible working hours, working from home (or anywhere else), and a five-week holiday so that you can get in touch with your inner social butterfly. We also extend paternity leave for fathers and give loyal employees a month-long sabbatical to unplug and recharge.


Health is a priority

We take the health and happiness of our employees seriously. We provide a meal allowance so you can eat healthy at home or take advantage of healthy snacks at the office. We also offer massages to help your body (and mind) relax when you need to recharge your batteries. Or you can take part in sports events with your coworkers—whether that means playing football, badminton, or squash. And if you get sick? No worries! We provide unlimited sick days, so you can take care of yourself when you need it.


We learn every day

We believe that a growth mindset is the real key to success. That’s why we dedicate 20% of our working time to education and innovations so that each employee can thrive in their career—from attending conferences and running internal workshops to borrowing books from our company library and gaining professional certifications. The icing on the cake? We also have a native English teacher who helps us improve our language skills.