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Technical Support Engineer.

We have customers all around the globe who use, our modular content platform, to reach out to their audience via all possible digital channels. To make their experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible, they need a hand sometimes!

As a Technical Support Engineer, you will:

  • Advise what approach customers should choose for their technical solutions and architecture;
  • Be responsive when customers need you—they should be able to chat with us without obstacles;
  • Report customer feedback so we are aware of and able to tackle any problems they may encounter 

What will your workday look like?

We talk with our customers about their project architecture, how to use our APIs and SDKs, our best practices, how to cache and migrate their content, or how to integrate our CMS with other services. This all happens either via a chat tool or during online sessions.

Does this sound familiar?

We are looking for someone who can code and likes to chat. Are you a junior developer who doesn’t want to code all day long and wants to help others directly? Then this is the perfect position for you: 

  • You know how to work with APIs.
  • You are familiar with JavaScript (TypeScript, Node.js, build tools).
  • You can also write some code in .NET Core (C#, Visual Studio).
  • You know HTML and style in CSS.
  • You have experience with web development tools such as Git or Postman.

Do you want to impress us even more?

Tell us about a similar position you’ve worked at or some projects you’ve completed using a JavaScript framework or library.

ClockType of employment: Full-time
ClockStart Date:Immediately
ClockLanguage: English B2

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Perks & Benefits


Work-life balance

Balancing your professional and personal life can be tricky. We want to help you strike the right balance between both of them without having to compromise either one. That’s why we offer flexible working hours, working from home (or anywhere else), and a five-week holiday so that you can get in touch with your inner social butterfly. We also extend paternity leave for fathers and give loyal employees a month-long sabbatical to unplug and recharge.


Health is a priority

We take the health and happiness of our employees seriously. We provide a meal allowance so you can eat healthy at home or take advantage of healthy snacks at the office. We also offer massages to help your body (and mind) relax when you need to recharge your batteries. Or you can take part in sports events with your coworkers—whether that means playing football, badminton, or squash. And if you get sick? No worries! We provide unlimited sick days, so you can take care of yourself when you need it.


We learn every day

We believe that a growth mindset is the real key to success. That’s why we dedicate 20% of our working time to education and innovations so that each employee can thrive in their career—from attending conferences and running internal workshops to borrowing books from our company library and gaining professional certifications. The icing on the cake? We also have a native English teacher who helps us improve our language skills.