Help users find what they need on your site with Hawksearch

Enhance your site search with Kentico Kontent and the Hawksearch platform!

Hawksearch is a feature-rich search, recommendation, and personalization engine that leverages automated technologies to provide the best experience for your end-users.

Why Kontent and Hawksearch work together

If your visitors can’t quickly find the information they’re looking for on your site, they might leave and never come back. While Kontent helps your teams unify content silos, streamline operations, and produce great content, Hawksearch’s AI-driven relevant results and faceted features make it easier for your end-users to find that piece of content they need.

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Integrate Kontent with Hawksearch
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    Explore the user-friendly features

    Whether you’re a marketer or a developer, you’ll be able to easily configure Hawksearch’s robust search tools and take full advantage of the content management capabilities that Kentico Kontent offers.

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    Provide the most relevant results

    Deliver relevant content in search results with Hawksearch’s machine learning technology that uses pre-existing data based on a user’s location, age, gender, or past search activity to determine what the visitor needs.

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    Boost your pages

    Utilize Hawksearch’s real-time insight into search trends, page performance, and interactions to see what your users are finding and, more importantly, not finding on your site. Based on these insights, make quick content changes or create new pages in the headless CMS.

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