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Get or troubleshoot E-learning access

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Not sure how to get access to Kontent E-learning? Do you experience issues accessing E-learning? Let's find a solution for you!

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    First time here?

    If you're not a Kontent user yet, sign up to Kontent. It's free, and you don't need a credit card.

    Before you access E-learning, activate your account:

    1. Confirm the email from Kontent that came to your inbox.
    2. Sign in to the Kontent app to fill in user details about you.

    If you see a green Recently joined? tip box on a course detail page, you haven't activated your account.

    With an activated account, you can access our free Headless CMS 101 course. To use E-learning to its full potential, get the full access as described below.

    Get the full access

    Besides our limited free offer, E-learning courses and certifications are part of Customer Success Services. With their E-learning package, all users within your subscription can access all courses and certifications.

    Arrange Services, including E-learning, for your subscription with our Sales team. The price is calculated monthly and is set based on your subscription plan.

    Contact us

    Partners get free access

    Employees of partner agencies can access the courses and certifications for free. You get access automatically if your user is invited to your employer's Partner Plan subscription. Contact admins of your subscription to add you there.

    As a user of the partner subscription, pick any course or certification from our listing and sign in with your Kontent account.

    Renewing certificates

    You can only renew certificates if you still have access to E-learning. The notifications you receive before your certification expires don't check whether you still have valid access.

    Still no luck?

    If you've checked the things above and you're still experiencing problems, we're happy to assist you using our support chat button. Here, it's located in the bottom right corner. You can also find the chat button directly in the Kontent app in the bottom left corner.

    You can get different levels of our support based on your subscription plan. Check out how our Premium Support works to get a guaranteed SLA for your questions.