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Export your content to PDF and other formats

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Download PDF delivers your content in JSON using Delivery API. In JSON, your content doesn't have any visual information and is structured based on your content model. This enables you to transform it into virtually any format, be it HTML for web pages, PDF, XLIFF, and so on.

Read on to discover your options and find out what decisions are there to make.

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    What to think about delivers your content without visual styling. You have two options how to deal with visuals:

    • Generate styled HTML with your content and then convert it to the desired format.
    • Use the Delivery API responses directly and let the conversion tool handle the visual side of the output documents.

    The second decision to make is how you want to use the tool that converts your content:

    • Use it as a 3rd-party service with its API. The service is typically maintained by its producer.
    • Run it on your own server. This gives you more customization options.

    Export to PDF

    PDF is suitable for universal content exchange, such as printable price sheets, brochures, or PDF export of your knowledge base. The good news is, the PDF conversion is supported by a wide range of tools.

    Api2Pdf – HTML to PDF and other formats

    Api2Pdf enables you to convert your content to PDF and other formats. The service uses wkhtmltopdf to convert HTML to PDF and the LibreOffice engine to convert between virtually any formats LibreOffice can read and write.

    Both LibreOffice and wkhtmltopdf are free open-source tools. You can use them on your own server instead of using Api2Pdf.

    Paperplane – PDFs in Amazon S3 bucket

    Paperplane converts HTML to PDF. The service lets you store the resulting PDF document in an Amazon S3 bucket and supports processing multiple documents simultaneously.

    PDF Generator API – Convert the Delivery API data directly

    The PDF Generator API offers to create PDF or XLSX directly from JSON using templates. That means you don't need to first create an HTML document to get your PDF.

    Microsoft Word and other document formats

    If your goal is a format other than PDF, the best bet is to look at the LibreOffice engine as the universal tool with support for many formats. 

    If you're after XLSX, you can also look into the PDF Generator API or the KKExport script.


    Localization services often use the XLIFF format. If you need to integrate such a localization service, have a look at the Okapi framework

    The Okapi Framework is a cross-platform open-source set of components and applications with a focus on localization. The framework includes a filter for processing the JSON format that you can use to process data from the Delivery API and convert it to XLIFF.

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