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Check your usage report

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Find out how usage reports in work. Check the number of your active users, Fair Use Policy limits for your subscription plan, and the plan's current cost.

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    Check your usage report

    Usage reports capture your subscription usage at a point in time. They are calculated once a day around midnight.

    By checking your usage report, you'll get an overview of the number of active users and your standing with regards to the Fair Use Policy limits for your subscription plan.

    1. Click your initials in the bottom left corner.
    2. Choose Subscriptions from the menu.
    3. Select your subscription.
    4. Choose the Usage report tab.

    A typical usage report might look like this.

    Monthly usage report

    What's in a report?

    Usage reports consist of the following:

    • Plan overview – shows the cost of your plan, cost of extra usage, and the length of your current billing period.
    • Usage – shows the number of active users in projects that belong to the subscription.
    • Fair use policy
      • Content API calls – shows the number of API requests made to your projects (both the Delivery API and Management API calls)
      • Asset storage – the amount of asset storage used
      • Bandwidth – the amount of data stored and transferred
      • Content items – the sum of content items across your projects; only the largest environment counts for each project.
        If you'd have, for example:
        • project A with environments Alpha (300 items) and Beta (400 items), and 
        • project B with environments Gamma (500 items) and Delta (140 items),
        • the number of content items shown in the Usage report would be 900 (sum of Beta and Gamma environments).

    What counts as an active user?

    Users who were invited to your project and can access its content, count as active users. It is the opposite of inactive users, who were disabled and cannot access the project.

    If you have more unique active users across your projects than what's included in the subscription plan, these users: count as extra usage, show in the Extra column, and are reflected in the additional charges. The additional charges are calculated based on the maximum number of active users in the given month.

    Subscription admins can quickly deactivate users across all projects.

    Snapshots of your usage

    Due to the daily nature of usage reports, any recent changes to your subscription or its projects, such as changing your subscription plan, inviting new users, or the amount of transferred data (bandwidth), will be reflected in the next report.

    Usage history

    Review your usage for the past billing periods by downloading a PDF report.

    1. On the Billing history tab, select a billing period from the table.
    2. Click Export to PDF in the top right.
    How to export billing history to PDF

    Get usage reports via email

    All subscription admins will receive a monthly email with a usage report for the given billing period. This provides the same information as the Billing history under the subscription. You can unsubscribe from reports with a total price of $0 from your User profile.

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