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Guidelines for migration from Management API v1

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If you plan to migrate from Management API v1 to Management API v2, these guidelines will help you understand the differences between the Management API versions and the changes you'll need to make.

Table of contents

    Changes between the API versions

    With Management API v2, you can perform the same operations as with version 1. Here's an overview of the operations in version 1. Similarities with version 2 are marked with ✔ and the differences with ⚠.

    • ✔ Create, read, update, and delete assets
    • ✔ Create, read, update, and delete content items
    • ⚠ Create, read, update, and delete language variants
    • ✔ Identify objects with references
    • ✔ Read project information
    • ✔ Validate project

    The language variant object changed in version 2. Let's see how the language variant objects differ.

    The new language variant object

    In version 1, the language variant's elements property is an object. Each property of the elements object represents an element with the element's value.

    In version 2, the language variant's elements property is an array of objects. Each of those objects consists of the element and value properties. See the language variant object in Management API v2.

    Adjust to Management API v2

    We recommend that you use the latest version of the Management SDK for your apps and scripts. We provide JavaScript and .NET SDKs.

    You can find examples of how to work with the new language variant object in the SDK documentation on GitHub: