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What is Kontent and how it helps you

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There are a lot of terms that put Kontent by Kentico into the right box—headless CMS, Content-as-a-Service platform, omnichannel content hub, content infrastructure, API-first CMS. Given the fact that all of these terms are still pretty young, what do they actually mean? Let's look into how Kontent helps your business.

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    The one and only place for content

    With Kontent, you get a single place to manage all your content. Especially in large organizations, content tends to be everywhere, created in different systems that aren't connected, which is a nightmare for everyone. CMSs often focus on one communication channel, such as the web or printing, and separating content then makes its management complicated. That's not the case with Kontent. Let our name be the witness that Kontent puts content in the center.

    When content is in the center:

    • Your customers always get the same, up-to-date, and correct information. – Say goodbye to contradictory or obsolete information.
    • Your content authors always work in one tool that also encourages collaboration. – Say goodbye to copypasting content from one tool to another and working in silos.
    • Your content managers and strategists will get a clear overview of the content creation process. – Say goodbye to putting together the information manually from many sources.
    • Your developers have the freedom to work with pretty much any technology. – Say goodbye to hiring devs with knowledge of a specific CMS only.

    In the end, authors can create content within the brand guidelines that developers implement in the apps. Saved time, saved money, and everyone's peace of mind are the final goals and outcomes when using Kontent.

    Focus on what's important

    Kontent isn't an all-in-one solution that has average capabilities in many disciplines. We focus on being the best in content management throughout the whole content lifecycle. As Kontent is highly integrable, you can also create an ecosystem from your preferred services.

    An example of services integrable with Kontent for a quality ecosystem.

    Thanks to omnichannel presence with integrated services, content authors can create engaging and personalized experiences that look and feel great for your customers.

    Kontent is in your corner

    Are you in a digitally mature company that wants to get or stay ahead of the competitors? Kontent is the right product for you then. However, a switch to a headless CMS, such as Kontent, typically requires a change of mindset. We'll help you revise your content strategy, content creation process, and how your content creators actually work. Enjoy a future-proof way of working without wasting time on insignificant tasks.

    When there's a mutual buy-in from both business and technical people, everything goes smoother. We see the best results when both worlds collaborate:

    • A content strategist or manager ensures the system makes sense for authors.
    • A head of the implementation team makes sure the system works effectively.

    Not strong in development?

    You can outsource development to one of our partner agencies. We'll help you find the right match.

    But picking just a different piece of software won't solve it all. As a vendor with 17 years of experience, we realize that content is a continuous opportunity but also a challenge. Content creation, strategy, modeling, and lifecycle are just some of the areas to look into.

    That's why we offer a set of Customer Success Services to help you move forward on the way to your Kontent mastery. Because guidance goes hand in hand with software.

    What's next?

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