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Tag your content items with taxonomies

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Tag and label your content items using taxonomies. With tagged content, you can use filters to find the right content faster. This way you can easily perform bulk actions like publishing and scheduling.

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    Tag content items

    Before you can tag content items with taxonomies, your project manager first needs to adjust the content model so that there are taxonomy elements to use.

    To tag a content item:

    1. In Content & assets, open the item you want to tag.
    2. Find a taxonomy element with a list of checkboxes.
      • If the taxonomy contains 7 or more terms, you'll see a dropdown list instead of checkboxes.
    3. Tag the item by selecting a term from the list.

    That's it. Repeat as needed.

    Find tagged content

    With your content tagged, you can filter your content items by taxonomy terms.

    1. In Content & assets, use the taxonomy filter on the left.
    2. From the Taxonomy dropdown list, select a taxonomy term or two.

    The content list updates automatically with items matching your criteria. 

    Perform bulk operations on tagged content

    When you refine your filter, you can publish the matching content items.

    1. Select the items you want to process.
      • If you need to select all the items, select the checkbox next to the Name column header.
    2. Click icon on the right above the content item list and select one of the actions like Publish or Change workflow step.

    What's next?