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Qualified Partner
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Pardubice, Czech Republic

We were born digital in 1999, but over time SYMBIO has evolved into a fully integrated agency. We've held on to the best from our digital past - flexibility, innovation, and our deep knowledge of the connected world, but now we can craft anything and make any brand shine.
We've done hundreds of award-winning projects and campaigns for most of the big players on the Czech market and worldwide.
In 2017 we decided to move into the cloud. We left behind our own CMS and shifted to Kentico Cloud as the best solution in its class. The fact that we receive nothing but positive feedback from our clients proves it was a great decision.
Now we are able to built a website, mobile app or any digital product of any size with awesome scalability, and with excellent user interface, making content management a piece of cake. Good work Kentico!