The Agile CMS Cookbook: Tales from the Test Kitchen.

Fragmented content systems cause havoc today, but new flavors of CMS are arriving. Agile CMS is just over the horizon, bearing promises of content reuse, content insights, faster and more agile content operations, and flexibility across channels.

Forrester spoke with end-user organizations, technology providers, and services providers to gauge when this new Agile CMS will occur. This report will let you enter the test kitchen, study the sample recipes, and taste what will soon be on the menu.

In this report, you will learn:

  • What the current state of the market is
  • Why Agile CMS is the next big thing
  • What the four ingredients of Agile CMS are
“Luckily, enterprise users have vendors to help push this change, and content software vendors are a critical part of the effort to enable Agile CMS. However, (...) there’s little evidence of end-to-end lifecycle support. However, solutions like Kentico Kontent that started as “headless” or API-only have expanded practitioner authoring and process management features.”

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