Product vision & roadmap.

We’re always improving to enable content strategists, creators, and developers alike!​ Learn more about where we’re focusing our development to continue to provide a leading headless CMS for our customers.​

Roadmap Focus 1: The Authoring Experience

We’re currently implementing changes that give writers the ability to do their work even more quickly and confidently, directly in

Boost author confidence with clear content requirements

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Roadmap Focus 2: The Developer Experience

Our focus now is all about efficiency, streamlining and simplifying the way developers work so they can more easily support large scale content operations.

Eliminate bottlenecks with faster project duplication

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Roadmap Focus 3: Content Management

Content governance is the core focus now, with features that are designed to help teams keep processes smooth and well-defined. 

Ensure well-governed content with granular guidelines

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Customer feedback is at the heart of everything we do

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