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Kontent drives each step of the content production process from the initial planning phase through publication and ultimately optimization. Performance analytics maximize the value of this content with insights that drive future planning efforts and the reuse of successful content across campaigns and channels.

Kontent by Kentico helps you: 

  • Plan your content 
  • Collaborate across your business 
  • Ensure quality and compliance 
  • Analyze content performance 
  • Optimize for best results 

Plan your content

Plan your content

Kontent’s editorial calendar lets you map upcoming projects and campaigns to the content needed to execute those initiatives. Contributors are assigned to each item, allowing project leaders and stakeholders to track progress towards milestones and deadlines. With real-time updates, you’ll always know where everything stands and will be better prepared to identify risks or delays.

Kontent provides modular content elements that can be reused across digital properties to ensure accuracy of information and consistent messaging that’s optimized for each audience, channel, and viewing device.

Customer Highlight: Trusted Choice

Kontent helps Trusted Choice communicate more effectively with clients by creating an online experience based on visitor interactions and characteristics. All website visitors are presented with general content and promotions by default, but key customer segments are then targeted with more specific information (such as local offices and recommended agents) according to user characteristics.

Collaborate across your business

Content elements are grouped according to their context, allowing contributors to focus on details specific to their area of expertise. Content production happens faster as Simultaneous Editing lets multiple team members edit the same piece of content, without fear of impacting each other's work. Additional team members can then provide feedback and suggestions to ensure the finished product reflects the strengths and expertise of all contributors.

The real-time Project Overview keeps stakeholders and project managers up to date on progress, so they can address issues or shift priorities if content items become delayed. This reduces the risk of missing deadlines earlier in the process, while there’s still time to get the project back on track.

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Review and comment

Avatar fallback - no photo
Thanks to Kontent, we have managed to move content marketing from a global level to the local level. The marketing departments in all our countries are able to create or edit their own content. We’re now able to do online content marketing in 24 countries/languages in an efficient and structured way.

Davey van Ommen, Online Content Specialist, Kramp

Ensure quality and compliance

Before anything gets published, it must comply with whatever standards your organization has in place. Customizable workflows guarantee everything is in order before your content goes live. Subject matter experts ensure all details are accurate while marketing leaders confirm messaging and tone align with brand standards. Lastly, your legal team may want to check for any compliance issues to protect against unexpected surprises.

Define your own workflow

Analyze content performance

The success of your marketing initiatives depends on the quality of content your team creates. Content analytics offer insights into which items perform best, so you can reuse them across campaigns or expand on them with additional content that resonates with your target audience. Ultimately, these insights lead to stronger engagement and the conversion of more visitors into customers.

Optimize for best results

Once you’ve analyzed the performance of your content, you’ll want to put those insights to good use. Highly performing items can be reused across different campaigns or serve as the basis for future assets. Less performant content may need to be revised or removed from production entirely. As part of a cohesive content lifecycle, this final phase naturally leads back to the initial planning phase so these improvements and any new items can be accounted for in your editorial calendar.

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