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Customer and employee portals.

Create engaging portals for your customers and employees that provide the key information they need to succeed.  

These portals become the go-to resource for how users interact with the different parts of your business—providing insights into purchase decisions, troubleshooting product issues, or identifying key contacts to connect with.

Kontent by Kentico helps you: 

  • Empower customers and employees 
  • Maximize your existing content 
  • Look great on any device 
  • Personalize the experience  
  • Integrate with existing systems 

Reuse existing content

Empower customers and employees

Giving your customers and employees the tools to resolve their own issues or find key information builds their confidence in your business, leading to higher satisfaction and more productive employees.

Kontent provides modular content elements that can be categorized and reused across digital properties, making information easier to find while ensuring accuracy and consistency across all channels and viewing devices.

Customer Highlight: YIT

YIT created a customer portal to deliver relevant content to over 10,000 residents living in their housing facilities located throughout Europe. This portal delivers content specific to a user’s location and interests while also creating a new revenue stream by matching service providers to potential customers in their area.

  • Integrations
  • Single hub for all content
  • Improved collaboration

Maximize your existing content

You’ve likely got great content scattered all across your business—from knowledge bases to marketing collateral, and even legacy content management solutions. Kontent maximizes the value of these existing assets by introducing cross-department collaboration to ensure accuracy and improving consistency by reusing approved content across all your channels.

Got some data that needs to stay where it is? No problem—your content hub integrates into any tech stack, right alongside your existing systems. This gives you full control over the end-user experience, with the freedom to add new systems as needed.

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Kontent provides an easy-to-use content development environment which has provided us with a standardized, templated way to gather content and work it through the typical development processes. It also gives us the mechanisms to create a consistency in content delivery across our various applications.

Virgil Carroll, CEO, High Monkey

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Look great on any device

Sometimes people need answers when they’re on the go—at the airport, visiting a customer on-site, or just taking some time away from the office. Kontent ensures these users can always find the information they need regardless of their viewing device. Clean, structured content fits seamlessly into any display and can be reused across channels to maximize its value to your business.

Personalize the experience

By their very nature, portals offer advantages over standard websites, as the audience is easier to predict and user characteristics are often well-known. Taxonomy allows you to organize your content according to these characteristics and then integrate it with external data feeds, personalization engines, and internal business systems. This makes it easier to deliver experiences that are aligned with each user’s needs, resulting in happier customers and more efficient employees. 

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Integrate with existing systems

Most self-service portals rely on a myriad of internal and third-party systems to deliver the right information to each user when they need it. Kontent includes pre-built integrations with many of the most widely used systems available—including leading commerce, search, analytics, and Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions.

Need to integrate with something that’s not already built? Our fully documented API makes it easy to connect with any system in order to create the cohesive experience your users expect.

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