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Develop faster with headless CMS.

Your legacy CMS is too restrictive, creates bottlenecks, limits your work. So try Kontent by Kentico. It’s intuitive, scalable, and integrable. All content is centralized, documentation and 24/7 support are always there, and SDKs let you code in any language. You can get up and running in five minutes.

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Want proof? Check it out:

Create a project

This will be where you organize the content for your website.

Kentico Kontent

Create a content type

This defines and templates the structure of a piece of content.

Kentico Kontent

Create a content item

This is a piece of content, like an article or web page, that is based on the template you just created.

Kentico Kontent

Publish your content item

It will soon be available via the Delivery API and will be returned as a structured JSON object that is easy to parse by any programming language.

Kentico Kontent

Display your content

We've prepared a simple HTML page that uses jQuery to populate a few HTML elements with your content from the Kontent headless CMS.

<p class="codepen" data-height="400" data-theme-id="dark" data-default-tab="js,result" data-user="ondrabus" data-slug-hash="QWGYbXV" style="height: 400px; box-sizing: border-box; display: flex; align-items: center; justify-content: center; border: 2px solid; margin: 1em 0; padding: 1em;" data-pen-title="Hello CaaS World (built with Kentico Kontent)"> <span>See the Pen <a href=""> Hello CaaS World (built with Kentico Kontent)</a> by Ondrej Polesny (<a href="">@ondrabus</a>) on <a href="">CodePen</a>.</span> </p>

Are you tired of fitting your work into a restrictive CMS? Then choose a flexible headless CMS that works around you. With Kontent, you’re armed with ISO-certified security, SLA-guaranteed uptime backed up with a durable CDN, the ability to choose a data center, dev tools for all major platforms, and much more.

World-class support when you need it

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    Dedicated customer success managers

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    Enhance the UI with custom elements

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    That’s not all

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    Fast-track onboarding

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    Global technical support

Integrate with your favorite tools

Kontent provides powerful APIs and integration options, as well as many out-of-the-box integrations with other popular tools:

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