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What’s the best headless CMS for universities?

Get the flexibility, agility, and scalability you need to engage your audience. Discover, a headless CMS that helps the University of Oxford and VU Amsterdam deliver high-quality content to their complex websites.

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The Ultimate Guide to Headless CMS

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What do digital-first students want?

Deciding on a content management system for higher education institutions can be challenging. You want to opt for a headless CMS that is facilitating, easy to use, and just the right fit for the college. As you most likely know, students are a demanding audience—they require highly personalized, unique, and mobile-first online experiences. Students need to feel that your institution cares about them. The key is to make your website mobile-friendly and simple. 

There are dozens of headless content management platforms in the market, but not all of them meet the requirements of an institution. Just as any other larger institution, a college needs to handle its complex content, including intranet, resource libraries, course pages, and large databases. 

With the right headless content management solution that provides such features as workflow or permissions, colleges can effectively manage their content in a central hub. This way, they can keep their demanding audience engaged with ease. Let’s take a closer look at, a headless CMS that offers all benefits your college needs.

Digital experiences without compromises

Powering more than 30,000 websites across 120 countries worldwide, ensures your content goes in the right direction. One of its biggest clients is the University of Oxford, the most prestigious university in the UK. Running on, the institution‘s Research website provides information about current researches, inventive insights, and studies.

Thanks to the headless approach, the University of Oxford can now produce its research articles effortlessly and quickly. The university needed to publish the research results regarding COVID-19 in a short time—with the help of, they were able to deliver the content to the desired channel fast. Moreover, the creation of complex digital experiences has never been easier. A cloud-native headless CMS enables you to build websites and applications at speed.

Avatar fallback - no photo allows our editors to focus on their content while the User Experience Team focuses on creating the best flow for all website visitors. This means content gets created faster and it fits into whatever journey the team has designed for each audience.

Peter Olivier, Senior Information Analyst, VU Amsterdam

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Customer Success

Building brand trust with consistent, up-to-date content

VU Amsterdam needed to transition from a mix of legacy content management systems to a modern unified solution. Using’s headless CMS, the team has centralized control over their content and messaging across student, employee, and research-based websites. By designing custom, repeatable templates and components, the team has improved content consistency and time-to-market for all newly created websites.

A solution fit for your company’s needs

Every organization has a different set up, goals, and objectives. We’re happy to offer you a tailored demo of’s capabilities, so you can see how your teams can succeed in areas such as: 

  • Content governance to improve operational efficiency
  • Real-time collaboration to land on that perfect message
  • Advanced asset management, organization, and editing
  • Smooth delivery to engage on any device and channel


Choosing a headless CMS for higher education can certainly be a daunting task. Before finally taking the plunge and switching to a headless content management system, you should investigate how an online CMS can power your business. lets you easily build your website without having to require help from developers. Due to real-time collaboration, in-context website management, and Simultaneous Editing, your content team can deliver better content that will satisfy your audience.

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