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Kontent by Kentico on Azure Marketplace.

The Microsoft Azure Marketplace now provides access to Kontent by Kentico, a headless CMS that makes your business more agile, enabling you to adapt quickly to the ever-changing digital environment, including search engine algorithms and user expectations. 

Take advantage of the Azure platform’s security and use your Azure credits to streamline content operations at scale with Kontent.

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Kontent by Kentico, the first and only certified enterprise headless CMS now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, is the right choice for enterprises. Change the way you approach your content, implement it faster, and stand out—with one headless CMS.

  • Real-time collaboration.

    Kontent lets you provide real-time feedback through an interactive web interface that everyone in your organization can access—anytime, anywhere.

  • Effective content governance.

    With intuitive workflows and the right structure, you can create, manage and deliver content more efficiently.

  • Content made personal.

    A headless CMS enables you to create and manage content and websites at scale.

  • Engaging experiences across any channel.

    A headless CMS gives you the power to deliver content that automatically adapts to any marketing channel, device, and screen size.

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Why Azure Marketplace?

Azure Marketplace is an online store where you can:

  • Buy applications and solutions that run on Azure.
  • Connect with Microsoft’s partners and customers.
  • Select from thousands of apps and services that deliver business value.
  • Set your Azure budget while purchasing industry-leading solutions.

One of the transactable solutions you can purchase on Azure Marketplace is Kontent by Kentico—the first and only certified enterprise headless CMS available in the commercial marketplace.

How a headless CMS works.

With a headless CMS, enterprises grow faster and make good use of the following benefits:

  • Flexibility: A headless CMS relies on an API to deliver content and functionality to multiple platforms, allowing separation from front-end design and development.
  • Speed: A headless approach speeds up delivery and makes it easier to update content because you’re not processing server-side code every time you want to change something.
  • A single source of truth: Deliver a consistent experience across various channels with one headless CMS.

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